Uploading Your Videos

Any Creator can begin uploading content by clicking on the "+ Camera" Icon in the header and clicking "Upload a Video", clicking "Upload a Video" from the profile icon dropdown, or clicking "Upload a Video" on the left bar in Profile Management.

Once you're there, do the below... 
  • Step 1: Name your Content (Required)
  • Step 2: Write your Description (Required)
  • Step 3: Categorize your Content (Required)
    • Wellness - instructional content promoting wellbeing of the mind and body, excluding physical activity and meditation.
    • Yoga - traditional and non-traditional forms of yoga, typically involving some or all of specific body positions, repeated flows, breath work, and meditation.
    • Meditation - traditional and non-traditional forms of Meditation, typically involving mindfulness, breathwork, and mental and/or physical stillness.
    • Stretching - content detailing specific body postures or movements, static or dynamic, designed to either warm up the body for activity or help the body recover from exercise and injury.
    • Running - content focused on running-specific fitness.
    • Cycling - content focused on cycling-specific fitness.
    • Athletics - content designed to train Users for specific sports or general athletic skills like agility, coordination, etc.
    • Cross-Training - workouts that utilize unique or multiple styles of exercise, often with the goal of improving both strength and cardio.
    • Strength-Training - workouts primarily designed to build strength with weights, machines, body weight exercises, or some combination of the three.
  • Step 4: Sub-Categorize your Content (Required)
  • Step 5: Tag your Content (Very Highly Recommended)
  • Step 6: Equipment (Very Highly Recommended)
  • Step 7: Difficulty
  • Step 8: Pricing (Required)
  • Step 9: Suggested Playlist URL
  • Step 10: Upload a custom thumbnail

Here's 1 super straightforward bit of advice to help you out when uploading

Film in 1080p, the quality will be excellent and you won't have to wait several hours for your internet to handle uploading a monstrously large 4k video.

For more detail on best practices around video uploading, head to our Creator Resources page here.