Creating Memberships

Subscriptions and Class Packs are the backbone of your business. 

These "memberships" are the best way to drive Supporter retention and revenue growth over the long run, plus they give access to more of your content for less $$$. That's a win for your people.

Subscriptions and Class Packs are created and managed from your Creator Profile page.

Before we get going, here's some super broad, definitely not always true, but also pretty useful pricing tips.

Subscriptions: Just have on-demand content? $20/month and under is a safe choice. On-demand and live? $50/month and up!

Class Packs: Make sure you're offering at least a 15% discount per class when buying in bulk. You usually sell your live session drop-ins for $10 each? A 10 Class Pack should probably be less than $85.

Creating Subscriptions

Subscriptions, aka the very best type of revenue.

🗓 Subscriptions can be weekly, monthly, or annual.

🎟 Subscriptions can be customized to be 1) all-access, 2) a specific class type (on-demand classes), 3) a combination of class types (on-demand classes and virtual live classes), 4) a totally custom set of classes (my tai chi on-demand videos and my Thursday virtual live tai chi classes).

📌 Active Subscriptions can be pinned to the top of your profile.

📧 Changing your Subscription pricing will automatically send an email to all your active Subscribers notifying them of this change.

How to create a Subscription

Click Add Membership on your Creator Profile. If you have an existing Membership, just select "Edit Memberships" below the existing Membership.

Customize the subscription however you'd like. Here's an example...

Once your first subscription is created, it will automatically be pinned to the top of your profile. 

Creating Class Packs

Class Packs are also totally customizable and make for an easy way to provide your supporters with more content at discounted rates.

🎟 Class Packs can be made with any amount of credits.

📦 Class Pack Credits can be for 1) all-access, 2) a specific class type (on-demand classes), 3) a combination of class types (virtual live classes and virtual live), or 4) a totally custom set of classes (my Monday morning personal training sessions) 

📌 Class Packs get pinned to the top of your profile with your Subscription offerings. Easy to find, easy to make. You can do this on your own Creator Profile on "Edit Mode"

How to create a Class Pack
Click Add Membership on your Creator Profile. If you have an existing Membership, just select "Edit Memberships" below the existing Membership.

Customize the Class Pack...

Custom Offerings

Custom Offerings allow you to combine any collection of videos, programs, live classes and events, and sell them under a single subscription. This is very useful when you want to tier your memberships, if you have personal training clients who need memberships to their classes only, or if you have two different class/content types on your profile (Yoga vs Strength Training, for example)

How to make a Custom Offering.

1. Under "This membership gives access to..." select Custom Offerings and then select Create. You're now in the Custom Offering Builder.

2. Give the offering a title. "Yoga Classes", for example. We name and save your custom offerings so you can add more content to them later or add saved offerings to new memberships.

3. Select the content you want in this offering. You'll be able to mix and match any of the below.

On-Demand Videos

  • All On-Demand Videos
  • All On-Demand Videos with a Specific Tag or Sub-Category ("Hatha Yoga", for example)
  • Any Individual On-Demand Video

Live Classes

  • All Virtual Live Classes
  • All In-Person Live Classes
  • Any Specific Live Class Series ("Morning Strength Training", for example)


  • All Programs
  • Any Individual Program


  • All Events
  • Any Individual Event

Save your Custom Offering - it's now added to your Membership.

Membership Caps

Very useful when tiering subscriptions. For example, I could offer an early bird special to my first 20 subscribers where they get access to all my content at just $50/month. Once the 20th person joins, people will no longer be able to join the subscription.

Private Memberships

These Memberships can only be accessed by sending a client a link - they cannot be purchased directly from your page. This is great for personal training. For example, I could create a private in-person class series for M/W at 9am called "Personal Training with Jimmy", and then use the Custom Offering builder to make a Class Pack just for the "Personal Training with Jimmy" live class series. If I set it the class pack to Private and send the link straight to Jimmy, he can purchase his personal training membership.

Once a Private Membership has been purchased by someone, that person always has access to re-purchase that membership (unless you deactivate it).

Pinning Subscriptions and Class Packs

Your first 3 memberships will automatically pin to the top of your profile. If you have more than 3 and would like to pin a specific membership, head to your Creator Profile, click Edit Memberships (under your existing Memberships),

Any offerings that are not pinned will still be easily viewable for your supporters by clicking "See More". 

Editing Subscriptions and Class Packs

If you're already in "Edit Memberships", just click the pencil icon next to memberships that you want to edit.

Otherwise, head to Memberships here to see all of your Memberships, Deactivate Memberships, and take a deep dive into the clients within each Membership.

For Class Packs, you can change everything except the class pack "type" - if you need to do that, just make a new class pack.
For Subscriptions, you can change everything except the subscription "duration" - if you need to do that, just make a new subscription.
You can de-activate any Membership as well. Existing subscribers will have access to your content for the remainder of their subscription cycle and class packs purchases will still have their credits to use.