Scheduling and Hosting Events

Somble Events are the easiest way to host one-off festivals, workshops and retreats.

Instead of hosting events via a third-party event management platform, you can now use Somble to sell tickets directly from your Creator Profile. This means everyone who signs up will know exactly where to go afterwards to get more of your live classes and on-demand content.

Events can be...

  • Free or Paid
  • In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid
  • With one or multiple Creators

With Somble Events, you get

  • One-click emailing to attendees
  • Automatic event reminders sent to attendees
  • Clients can buy multiple tickets
  • Custom %-off or $-off promotions
  • Set caps on # of ticket sales
  • Digital check-in for attendees
  • Custom waivers
  • View -> Click -> Purchase Analytics
  • Zoom integrations for virtual events (or use our in-house streaming)
  • Custom ticket pricing for hybrid events
  • Email automations for canceled or rescheduled events
  • Custom refund policies and one-click refunding
  • A dedicated page for your event with multiple photos and rich-text descriptions
  • Notifications for new purchases

Most importantly, Somble only takes a 2% fee on events. If you sell a $100 ticket, that's $98 in your pocket with no additional cost to you.

How to Schedule an Event

1. Hit "Create Event" in the header and fill out the form.

  • Title
  • Event Type (In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid)
  • Ticket Type (Free or Paid)
  • Price (if Paid)
    • For hybrid events, you can set a ticket price for the in-person event
  • Stream Type (if Virtual or Hybrid)
    • You can link a Zoom account or use our in-house streaming
  • Revenue Split (optional)
  • Location (if In-Person or Hybrid)
  • Start Date/Time and End Date/Time
    • You can use this to create multi-day events and retreats. For single day events, theres no need to change the end date date. It will default to the same date as the start date.
  • Limit Attendees (optional)
    • You can set different limits for in-person vs virtual
  • Thumbnails
    • You can add up to 5, which Users will be able to cycle through. They are displayed in the order you add them.
  • Description
    • This is Rich-Text - don't shy away from colors and photos here!

3. Hit Create Your Event

4. You've now got a page dedicated to your event. Share it with the world!

If you're on desktop, you can grab the link to your event in the top left of your page. In Mobile, hit the three dots above the cover photo on the Event ticketing page and click Share Link.

How to Pin or Edit an Event

Pinning events puts the event at the top of your profile.

Head to Content Management and Click Events. Find your event and hover over the three dots on the right. From there, you can either edit the event or pin/unpin it to the top of your profile.

How to See/Manage Your Attendees

Just click on your event - you'll see a list of Attendees right on the Event page. You can message, refund, and un-book attendees by clicking "Manage Attendees" right next to the list.