Creating Programs and Courses

The Somble Program Builder is probably our most powerful tool on the platform. With this one tool, you can create an enormous range of offerings.

  • Courses.
  • Programming for Personal Training Clients.
  • Group Follow-Along Programs.
  • Custom Workouts.
  • Organized Movement Libraries.

For example, let's say you wanted to sell a 6-week program for a cohort of 20 students where you meet twice a week virtually, do two on-demand workouts per week, and have written homework assignments for each week. With the Program Builder, you can build this out in < 10 minutes.

For a totally different example, let's say you want to break down your entire pull-day workout into a single package, with on-demand videos and instructions for each exercise so that your supporters have an easy follow along workout they can access. Again, Program Builder makes quick work of this.

Here's how this works...

You choose between Course View (chapter-based) and Calendar View (day-based).

You build out Chapters (or Days) with Blocks and Exercises. You can add written descriptions and video tutorials. You can even add sets, reps, weights, times, distances and % of max.

You sell the package of Live Sessions, On-Demand Videos, or a combination of both for a single price.

You follow along with the progress of your supporters taking your programs and create group chats via Somble Chat to facilitate community and accountability.

Course View

Leverage Chapters, Blocks, and Modules to create instructional programs and courses.

Calendar View

Leverage Weeks, Days, Blocks and Modules to create day-by-day follow-along programming for either personal training clients or groups of clients.

Program FAQ's

How long do purchasers of my programs have access to the program?

As long as you have the program published!

If I add a video to an existing program, will those who have purchased the program already have access to it?

Yep, purchasers always have access to the current version of the program.

Can I use videos from YouTube or Vimeo?

For sure. Just add the link into the input field when adding videos to programs.

Can I upload multiple videos at once?

Not currently. Even if your phone or computer is allowing you to select multiple videos within the video uploader, our upload tool will still only process the first video you select. If you need to upload multiple videos, please upload one at a time and wait until the upload is complete before starting the next

Can I add documents to programs, like PDF's or excel files?

That you can. Click on the "add attachment" button at the Program, Chapter/Day, or Block level. Supporters will be able to download that document.

Can I add promotions to programs?

Of course, head to the promo center where you can add discounted or time-based access to programs.

How do I change Live Class details in a live Program? 

Head to Content Management -> Programs and click the "Pencil" icon on the Program in question. Select the Live Class in the Program Wizard, make your changes, and click "Edit Session". If you're changing meaningful details like Time, Date, Location, or canceling a session, or creating a new session, all current purchasers of the Program will get an email notifying them of the changes.

Can I add new Classes to Live Programs?

Yep, see above.

Do my Supporters need to book Live Classes in the programs they purchase?

Nope, they're automatically booked into all the Sessions in the Program, as well as automatically un-booked or re-booked if you make changes to the sessions.

If I record my Live Class, will they show up in the program afterwards?

They'll automatically replace the module you created for the live session. That means anyone who missed class can just click on the same module to see the on-demand recording.