So You Were Invited to Collaborate on a Class

A coach on Somble reached out and asked you to teach a class alongside them? Awesome.

In 5 minutes from now, you'll be set up to receive payments automatically as purchases come in. You will also be able to promote the class yourself, see booking activity, and receive post-class reporting. If it's a virtual class, this means you will have full host privileges including launching the class!

Before kicking off, make sure you grab your bank account info (account # and routing #) - we've partnered with Stripe for simple, secure payments and they will ask for these. Even if you are not earning revenue on this initial collaboration, you will still need to connect a Stripe account.

Alright, let's do it.

  1. Head to
  2. Fill out name, email, pw.
  3. You are now in the Onboarding wizard. In order to collaborate, you just need to put in a profile picture and connect a Stripe account. The rest you can choose to skip if you please (including the free trial). We require basic personalization so the class booking can show you off and you can promote the class yourself.
  4. In the "Getting Started" section of the "Control Center", you'll see an option to connect Stripe. Stripe is how you will get paid. When you enter Stripe, have your bank info handy. This part takes ~3 minutes.
  5. Once you're done with Stripe, you're ready to roll. Tell the coach who created the class that they can now search and add you as a collaborator on that class via the Content Management page. If they haven't created the class yet, they will just add you via the Split Revenue box when they create it.