Connecting a Zoom account

Zoom is one of the most powerful streaming tools in the world. Everyone knows how to use it and it has tons of in-stream features for all types of classes. We've partnered with Zoom to deliver the streaming experience you know and love, seamlessly integrated into Somble's scheduling, booking, access, reminders, and recording that you've come to depend on.

Here's how to integrate with Zoom.

  1. Head to your Creator Profile and click the settings wheel in the top right. Click "Integrations"
  2. Click "Connect" next to Zoom.
  3. Log in to your Zoom account or create a new Zoom account.

Alternatively, you can connect Zoom when you schedule a Virtual or Hybrid Class or Event.

Clicking "Connect account now" will redirect you to the Zoom login page, where you can log in to your Zoom account or create a new Zoom account.

How to stream virtual classes with your Zoom integration.

  1. Once you've integrated with Zoom, make sure that "Use my Zoom account..." is toggled "On" (like below) when you are on the Live Class or Event Scheduling page.
  2. Finish filling out the Live Class / Event scheduling form. For more information on how to fill out this form, see here.
  3. You'll see an option to record your stream. If you want to record your stream via your Zoom integration, please make sure you have a Zoom Pro plan, have Cloud recordings turned on, and have selected either Active Speaker or Gallery View recordings, depending on your preference. Click here to access your Zoom settings.
  4. Click "Schedule Live Class".
  5. Your class is now scheduled and a Zoom link will have been created for that class.
    1. Anyone who purchases the class through Somble will be automatically emailed a link to the class. This link does NOT automatically grant access to the class, so it can be shared with people who have not yet purchased the class. This link will take them to your class pop-up on your Somble profile. If the person with link has access to the class, 5 minutes before class start time they will see a button on the class pop-up that says Join Class (You will see a "Start Class" button). Clicking this button will redirect them to Zoom, where they can join the stream.
    2. The Join Class and Start Class button are only accessible to the Creator and to Supporters that have either purchased the class, purchased a membership that gives them access to the class, or been given a promotion credit to the class. If they do not have access to the class, they will instead see an option to purchase the class.
    3. Those with access to the class have several options for joining the class. They will receive a reminder email before class with a link, they will see your class on their dashboard with a "Join" button, and they can access the class directly from your Profile without using the link they were emailed.
  6. If you have a Zoom Pro plan, have selected to record the class, and have Cloud recordings on, then as soon as you end your Zoom stream, the recording will begin to upload to your Somble profile. 
    1. This can take some time, depending on the size of the recording.
    2. Anyone with access to the Live Class will also have access to the recording for 7 days following the Live Class.

How to disconnect your Zoom account

  1. Head to your Creator Profile and click the settings wheel in the top right. Click "Integrations"
  2. Click "Disconnect" next to Zoom.

If you are just looking to toggle off you Zoom account and use Somble's embedded streaming service for a particular stream, you can do so by toggling off the "Use my Zoom account to Stream this Class" toggle from the Event / Class scheduling