Creating Promotions

Read onwards for an overview of Somble Promotions. As always, we recommend trying out the feature yourself and learning as you go - we’ve built Somble to teach you the steps as you do them and you can chat us directly with questions at any time. Plus, we add features constantly, some of which may not be reflected below.

From the Promotion Center, you can create tons of different types of promo codes.

  • % off codes
  • $ off codes
  • X credit codes
  • Amount of time codes

You can also tie each code to content types (i.e. live classes) or specific pieces of content.

Clients can redeem codes in 2 places

  • During checkout
  • From their own Promo Center

Other important promo features include...

  • Send sign up links that automatically apply promo codes to new clients who join them
  • Set expiry dates for both when a code can be redeemed and when it needs to be used
  • Set an amount of uses
  • See who used each promo