Pricing Model

It's this simple...

  1. Creators upload and schedule content, classes, workouts, workshops and more.
  2. Creators price their content. They can also set weekly, monthly, and/or annual subscription prices, and create Class Packs.
  3. Users purchase this content from/subscribe to individual Creators
  4. Creators get paid out as soon as purchases are made

How Our Pricing Works

We only make money when you do. Creators are charged a 9% commission to Somble for platform services. 

9% of the income you earn on Somble gives you:

  • Hosted Profile Page
  • Weekly, Monthly and Annual Subscriptions
  • Custom Class Packs
  • On-demand Video Library
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Stream Recording
  • Audio Content
  • Custom Program Builder
  • Custom Promotion Builder
  • Community Board
  • Full Suite of Community Management Tools including Emailing
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Added to "Explore" Page
  • Platform Notifications for Audience Interaction
  • Community of Users
  • Automatic Payouts Directly to your Bank Account. 

For the details of this model and use case examples, read onwards.

How Our Pricing Works

Creators upload and price their own content on a pay-per-view basis. They can also set weekly, monthly, and/or annual subscription prices, create Class Packs and create Multi-Video Programs.

Somble charges a 9% commission on all revenues generated by Creators for our platform services. The remaining income passes to the Creator. 

Users purchase content and memberships or subscribe to individual Creators.  A variable payment fee to Stripe is added to the cost of each purchase, which platform User's pay at time of purchase.

The payment processing fee varies depending on the size of the payment. We partner with payment processing industry leader Stripe, which charges 2.9% + $0.30 on every USD payment. 

For example...

Creator A's monthly subscription costs $10. User 1 subscribes to Creator A. User 1 is charged $10.61 on day 1. The additional $0.61 is the 2.9% + $0.30 Stripe transaction fee, which is paid to Stripe. Creator A receives $9.10 (91% of $10.00), and Somble receives $0.90. This process repeats every time the subscription renews.

Subscription vs Class Pack vs Program vs PPV

Why choose when you can have it all? The subscription model results in consistent engagement and low-cost content for Users, Class Packs allow for commitment and flexibility, Programs let Creators bundle specific videos under a certain price, while PPV provides a low cost way to “drop-in” to another Creators class or workout.

Subscription - When a User is subscribed to a Creator, they have access to all of that Creators archived content. The weekly subscription encourages flexibility and creates a low barrier for subscribership, the monthly subscription creates lasting followership and consistent support.

Class Packs - Class Packs offer credits to any of a creators live sessions, on-demand content, or a combination of the two. For example, a Creator could sell a pack of 10 live sessions for a single price of $100. This is a great way to both offer discounted access and long-term commitment.

Programs - This is the best way to create multi-step, multi-day or even multi-week and month on-demand programming. Creators bundle and organize specific video's into a program and then sell them under a single price.

Pay-Per-View - Creators assign a price to every video they upload as part of the upload process. When a User purchases content from a Creator, they have access to that content for 7 days from purchase date. The nature of exercise content lends itself to PPV pay structures as a complement to subscription services. We think of the PPV offering being the equivalent of walking into a gym where a Creator stands by each piece of equipment offering to guide you through a workout, or heading to a weekly yoga class to complement a lifting routine.

Payment Processing and Payouts

As mentioned above, Somble partners with Stripe for fast, secure, and reliable payment processing services. Stripe charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 on every USD transaction, which User's pay at time of purchase.

Minimum Subscription and PPV Pricing

Creators can not set PPV prices below $0.50 per video and can not set subscription prices below $1/Week and $4/Month. Promotions may allow for lower effective pricing, but full priced content will adhere to the above minimum pricing.

Subscription Cycles

A subscription cycle is unique to every User/Creator pair and can be weekly, monthly or annual. This determines the day when a Users weekly or monthly subscription renews. User's are charged for the subscription on the first day of their subscription cycle.

Foreign Currencies

If a Creator’s chosen payout currency differs from the currency paid by the User, an additional 1% is added to payment processing fees, which Stripe charges to make the conversion.

International credit card payments will be charged an additional 1% fee.

In Summary

  • Creators price their own content as they see fit.
  • Somble charges a 9% commission on monthly income for platform services. The remaining income passes to the Creator
  • Creators set subscription and class pack memberships, as well as PPV pricing for each video.
  • Users subscribe to and pay individual Creators. User's will see a small payment processing fee added to each purchase.
  • When Users are subscribed to a Creator, they have access to all their content while they are subscribed. When they purchase content on a per-video basis, they have access to that video for 1 week.