What I need to know as a Subscriber

The Subscription Model

Subscriptions are the backbone of the Somble model. Creators may have a weekly, monthly and annual subscription price that they set when they make their account. When a User is subscribed to a Creator, they have unlimited access to all of that Creators content. The weekly subscription encourages flexibility and creates a low barrier for subscribership, the monthly and annual subscriptions create lasting followership and consistent support.

Why Subscribe?

Convenience and Price.

When subscribed to a Creators content, a User has access to every video that Creator is currently sharing on the platform. This includes all new content that comes out over the course of the subscribership, and all backlogged content on the platform. 

Individual videos can be purchased PPV style to offer a low cost/low commitment way for trying new Creators or one-off workouts, however the subscription model will in almost every case allow for the most single-Creator content at the lowest price.

Subscription Renewal and Subscription Cycles

Subscriptions automatically renew on the first day of each new “subscription cycle”. Every User/Creator relationship has a unique subscription cycle that begins the day a User subscribes to a Creator. Subscription cycles are weekly, monthly or annually.

Canceling Subscriptions

To cancel a subscription, click on "Subscriptions" in "Dashboard" and select "Unsubscribe" next to the Creator's name. When a user cancels a subscription, they have access to that Creators content until the end of their subscription cycle. For example, if User A cancels a subscription with Creator 1 while having 20 days left on their subscription cycle, User A can watch this Creators content for 20 more days. If User A cancels the subscription with 1 day remaining on their subscription cycle, they can view that content for 1 more day.

Deleted User/Creator Profiles - When a Creator deletes their account, all subscriptions will be canceled and all access to the Creators content will be revoked.