Earning and Billing

Earning and Billing with Somble

When it comes to setting up a Creator Profile and earning money, we know three things matter most: Simplicity, Transparency and Security.


Becoming a Creator is quick and painless. Simply follow our sign up prompts, including Stripe registration, then upload or schedule classes via our streamlined upload and scheduling tools. As soon as someone purchases that content or subscribes to your profile, you’re on track to get paid. For a more detailed look at our payment procedures, please see the Pricing Model.


Charges from User to Creator are paid out as purchases are made. This means every time a User purchases your video or subscribes to you, you'll immediately get paid out via Stripe. If a User is subscribed to you, they'll be charged on the first day of their subscription cycle - as soon as their card is charged, you'll be getting paid. A Stripe fee of 2.9% + $0.30 is added to every transaction, which the User pays on top of the cost of the purchase. This means you always receive 91% of the revenue generated, Somble receives 9%, and the User only has to pay a small (usually well under $1) fee on top of the price of the content/subscription.

For example...

Creator A's monthly subscription costs $10. User 1 subscribes to Creator A. User 1 is charged $10.61 on day 1. The additional $0.61 is the 2.9% + $0.30 Stripe transaction fee, which is paid to Stripe. Creator A receives $9.10 (91% of $10.00), and Somble receives $0.90. This process repeats every time the subscription renews.


Somble has partnered with Stripe, an industry leading payment processing service. For more information, please read Stripe’s security policies.