Account Management


Account Verification - Somble verifies that each account is not a duplicate by allowing for one account per email. 

First Name/Last Name - This can be updated from the Account Management page. This information is displayed to Creators whom you have viewed content from to help add transparency to the Creator/Consumer relationship.

Deleting Accounts - Please email to request account deletion. 

Moving between User and Creator - Both turning your user account into a Creator account, and using your Creator account to subscribe and take classes as a user are incredibly easy. If already a User, simply click the Get Started button on the top right of the screen and follow the prompts to set up your account and start posting. If a Creator, all the user functionality is available to you in addition to the tools provided as a Creator. To see your User Dashboard (instead of your Creator Dashboard), flip the toggle on your dashboard.

Email Settings

Email Verification - Somble does not verify emails, and emails can be changed whenever necessary. Please keep track of your email address as this is what you will use to log in to Somble.

Updating Email on Account - This can be done from the Account Management tab. 

Email Notifications - Somble uses email notifications to alert Users when they have booked a live session and to remind them when the session is about to start. Somble also uses email notifications to alert Users and Creators of new features being added to the platform, and to welcome new Users and Creators. These notifications are a crucial part of the Somble experience and cannot be turned off. 

Payment Settings

Updating Credit Card Information - Head to Account Management and click "Payment Settings". Every new Credit Card will receive a $1 test charge to confirm it's a valid payment card. This charge will be withdrawn.

Updating Stripe Information - You'll need to log in to your Stripe account at

My Credit Card has Expired - If your credit card has expired, your account will be locked and you will be unable to watch new or already purchased content until you have provided a working credit card. You can update card information per the above