Some Background

Somble started with a simple idea: anyone should be able to do what they love and not have to worry about how to pay the bills. It’s not that there wasn’t enough good fitness and wellness content out there. There is. It’s not that fitness and wellness consumers didn’t have access to this content. They do.

The problem was that there was no low cost, high quality content that directly compensated the content producer - and there certainly was not one place to find this content.

So, most fitness and wellness content creators found themselves underpaid relative to the value they provide. The same can’t be said for the companies that employed them or the platforms that hosted their content… Hundreds of millions of global fitness consumers spend billions of dollars on fitness and wellness.

Why weren’t the instructors, trainers, and content creators the ones cashing out? We’re here to give these creators the chance to capture the value they create.

The Marketplace

Somble is an online marketplace where creators can upload their fitness and wellness content to the platform, set their own pricing, and offer it to the world. Users can subscribe to or purchase their favorite creators workouts.

For our creators, we’ve built a platform that gives you the ability to almost immediately turn content and a following into a business. For the consumers, we offer a library of top of line fitness and wellness content, all on a consolidated and user-friendly platform available at a fraction of the cost of current offerings.