Creator FAQ's

Payment Support

How do I update my payout settings (bank account, for example)?

You'll need to log in to your Stripe account at

Can I change my PPV, Program, Class Pack or Subscription pricing?

Yep. To change PPV pricing for on-demand, live, or program based content, find the content in Content Management, and click "Edit". Edit the field as you see fit, and click submit. Price changes take effect immediately for all new and recurring purchases and subscriptions. For Subscriptions and Class Packs, click "edit offering" on your Creator Profile.


How do I start earning on Somble?

3 straightforward steps. Create a Creator profile and set up Stripe, upload content, share it with your followers. 

Where can I see how much money I’m going to be paid? 

Check your dashboard for your total revenue! The exact payout amounts can be found on your Stripe profile.

How much of the revenue generated by my profile is mine to keep?

91%. Always.

Stated simply: Of your total monthly revenue per user, Somble receives a 9% commission for platform services. There is a payment processing fee Stripe receives of 2.9% + $0.30, which is added to the cost of each video or subscription that the User pays.

For example...

Creator A's monthly subscription costs $10. User 1 subscribes to Creator A. User 1 is charged $10.61 on day 1. The additional $0.61 is the 2.9% + $0.30 Stripe transaction fee, which is paid to Stripe. Creator A receives $9.10 (91% of $10.00), and Somble receives $0.90. This process repeats every time the subscription renews.

How much can I charge per video or per subscription?

You can charge whatever you please, as long as it is above our You can charge whatever you please, as long as it is above our minimum pricing thresholds. Additionally, you can check out our best practices on video pricing.

Long story short: lower prices can drive more viewership, but valuable content should be priced accordingly! No one is more qualified to make that final decision than you, and we will give you the data to help inform that decision.

Account and Content Management

Who can see my account?

Anyone can see your profile page if it's active. That way, any prospective subscribers and purchasers of your content can find you with ease.

How come when people click my shared URL, it says Creator Not Found?

This means your profile is not yet active! To have an active profile, you must complete Stripe onboarding, input a Bio, have a Profile and Cover photo, and Schedule or Upload Content. Once those steps are done, your profile is automatically made public. To see a To-Do list of items you need to complete before launching your page, just click the "X/10" in the Header to drop down a checklist of both required and optional Profile items.

Are there rules around what I can and cannot post?

There are - and these rules are laid out in our Terms and Conditions and in our Community Guidelines. But at a high level, we are a platform designed to help connect people through the world of fitness and wellness - all of the content posted here must be fitness and wellness focused, and be instructional in nature.

Furthermore, content that meets the above definition, but also could be considered pornographic, discriminatory, violent or any of a number of other unacceptable categories, will not be tolerated.

Can I use Somble to subscribe to and purchase other Creators content?

That you can. When logged in as a Creator, you have full User capabilities. Just search or browse content and subscribe or Pay-Per-View as you please.

Can I delete existing content?

Absolutely. Within Content Management, you can search for and select content. If you want to delete a video, live, or program, click delete on the selected content.

How do I cancel a Live Session?

First, head to the Live Session either via your own Creator Profile or the Content Management - Live Session page. If you are on your Creator Profile, click in to the session, click "More Actions" -> "Cancel". This will cancel the session and refund payments/promotions/credits for all booked attendees. You will also be able to send them a custom message at this stage. All these actions (and more) can be performed from the Content Management page as well. 

Can I refund individual Live Session Attendees?

You sure can - head to Content Management - Live Session, find the Live Session, click "Attendees", find the attendee you would like to refund and click "Refund" on the far right in that attendees row. You can also refund the entire class (either upcoming or past) from Content Management by clicking Attendees -> "More Actions" -> "Refund Class"