Read onwards for how to create Promo Codes (for Creators) and how to redeem them (for Supporters)

What is a Promo Code? 

A Promo Code is a code created by Creators that gives custom privileges to any User's who apply that code to their profile. For example, a Creator could create a Promo Code called 1MONTHFREE that allows any User who applies it to have access to your Monthly Subscription for one month at no cost, before auto-renewing the subscription and charging the customer. This is a great intro offer we actually see all the time.

You're a Supporter? 

You can input promo codes from your Promotion Center or during checkout for Live Sessions, On-Demand Videos, or Programs. Inputting promo codes give you custom promotional access, set by the Creator, to any Creators who have shared a promo code with you.

Inputting via the Promotion Center

Inputting via Checkout

Click Add Promo Code

Once you've entered the code, press "Enter" or click "Redeem"

Sometimes Promo Codes are not applicable to a certain piece of content or have been miss-typed. If you do not see the promo code either reducing the price of purchase (discount promotions), removing the price and replacing it with a credit to use (free credits to content), or directly taking you to the content (time-based access promotions), you can assume you will still need to pay full price for this content and no Promotion was applied. Active Promotions can also always be found in your Promotion Center. If you've just activated a Promotion but not yet used it and want to double check it's in place, make sure to refresh your page when you get to the Promotion Center.

You're a Creator? 

Promo Codes are your number one tool for giving your audience customized ways to try your content out for free or discounted pricing. You can create them from the Promotion Center.

Cool. How do I make one?

Step 1: Head to the Promotion Center

Step 2: Select "Create" and click "Add Promotion"

Step 3: Name your Promotion and select Promotion Type - you can give free or discounted membership to your subscriptions, grant free access to a certain number of sessions, free access to your content for a certain amount of time, or a discounted price on the next purchase made by someone with the code.

Step 4: Select Content Type - you can give access to a subscription, a class pack, or direct access to content (videos, programs, classes).

Step 5: Select Details - you can give access to any number of sessions, any % discount (0-100%), and $-off, or any number of days/weeks/months of content or susbcriptions.

Example: Since this is a % discount code to subscriptions, I am being asked to select a subscription type, % discount amount, and duration of discount. I've selected a 100% discount to my monthly subscription for 1 month.

Step 6: Select Redeemable By - this is the last date at which a promotion code can be redeemed. Redeemed promo code's with credits active or time remaining will continue to work until the promotion expires, even after the "redeemable by" date, but no new supporters will be able to begin the promotion after this date.

Step 7: Click "Create"

Step 8: Sweet. Now send the code to whoever needs it, or post it in your Somble / Social Media bio if it's for anyone to try out. Pro Tip: tell your supporters they can input this code from their own Promotion Center before booking your classes. This way, no one accidentally pay's when they meant to use a promotion code


I want to give a free month to a client. Can I do this?

Yes! If you have a membership on Somble that you want your client to be a part of, but you don't want to charge them, just create a promotion code to subscriptions and ask your client to purchase that membership with the promo code.