How to Redeem Promotions

Read onwards for how to redeem promotion codes

Inputting via Checkout

Click Add Promo Code

Once you've entered the code, press "Enter" or click "Redeem"

Inputting via Promotion Center

Promo Code not working?

Sometimes Promo Codes are not applicable to a certain piece of content or have been miss-typed. If you do not see the promo code either reducing the price of purchase (discount promotions), removing the price and replacing it with a credit to use (free credits to content), or directly taking you to the content (time-based access promotions), you can assume you will still need to pay full price for this content and no Promotion was applied. Active Promotions can also always be found in your Promotion Center. If you've just activated a Promotion but not yet used it and want to double check it's in place, make sure to refresh your page when you get to the Promotion Center.