Uploading On-Demand Video Libraries

Read onwards for an overview of Somble Video Libraries. As always, we recommend trying out the feature yourself and learning as you go - we've built Somble to teach you the steps as you do them and you can chat us directly with questions at any time. Plus, we add features constantly, some of which may not be reflected below.

There's 2 main use cases for uploading libraries.

  1. You want a public facing workout library for people to watch full length workouts, tutorials, etc. It would look something like this...

  1. You want to upload an exercise library for the programs you plan on creating.

Let's tackle these one at a time.

What I need to know about building a public facing content library:

  • You can upload dozens of video's at once
  • You can name, categorize, and add descriptions and cover photos as they upload
  • You can add PPV prices and package/subscription access
  • Your categorized videos will show up organized as soon as the upload finishes
  • You can record your live classes and have those auto upload into your library as well
  • Clients can favorite videos for easy access later

What I need to know about building an exercise library for my program:

  • Skip the "Upload Videos to Library" option and head straight into the program builder
  • When you get to your first day, create a block. You'll see an option to "Add a Video". Click that.
  • You can now bulk upload straight into the program builder. All uploaded videos will default to "private" visibility, so they can only be accessed via your programs
  • As you make exercises in the program, adding videos will link that exercise to that video so it can be reused later.