Getting Started: Transitioning My Audience to Somble

You're running a business. Maybe you're running that business off your personal website, with Zoom links and Venmo payments running the show. Maybe you're fully geared up on a subscription platform with integrated payments. You might have subscribers, or you might have clients who are half way through Class Packs. 

There's 100 different ways you could have gone about trying to manage your business online - but one thing is for certain: you've found yourself here, so you're looking for a better way to do it.

But, this page is not about the glories of running your business on Somble...

This page is about transitioning your existing clients to Somble, because like we said, we know there's a million different ways they could be paying you currently.

The Somble Promotion Center

The Promotion Center allows Creators to build completely custom promotions that they can offer to their supporters. This is the number one tool at your disposal for transitioning your audience. You can build a Promo Code that gives whoever uses it 5 free live classes, or 3 free weeks of on-demand content, or 19 days of all-access to your content - you can pretty much create whatever you want with it.

How does this help with transitioning my audience?

Great q. So let's say you've been sending out Zoom links to those who buy your 10-session class packs through a different booking platform. You've just scheduled a whole slate of classes for next week on Somble, and you're ready to transition, but you want to make sure those who have already purchased class packs can access your Somble sessions. If a client has 6 credits remaining in their original class pack, you can build them a promotion code that offers them free access to 6 live sessions from you on Somble. Then they can finish out their existing class-pack on Somble with you, and re-up on Somble when they run out. 

Your audience is subscribed to you on another platform? Not a problem. Let's say a client has a monthly subscription to you somewhere else, and has 3 weeks remaining. You can build them a promo code to get all access to you for 3 weeks on Somble. They can finish out their subscription to you on Somble, and start a new subscription to you on Somble when their promotion runs out.

Cool. Easy. So how do I make a promotion code?

Step 1: Head to the Promotion Center

Step 2: Select "Create" and click "Add Promotion"

Step 3: Name your Promotion and select Promotion Type - you can grant free access to a certain number of sessions, or to your content for a certain amount of time.

Step 4: Select Content Type - you can give access to all your content, or choose between live-only or on-demand only.

Step 5: Select Amount - you can give access to any number of sessions, or any number of days/weeks/months of content.

Step 6: Select Redeemable By - this is the last date at which a promotion code can be redeemed. Redeemed promo code's with credits active or time remaining will continue to work until the promotion expires, even after the "redeemable by" date, but no new supporters will be able to begin the promotion after this date.

Step 7: Click "Create"

Step 8: Sweet. Now send the code to whoever needs it, or post it in your Somble / Social Media bio if it's for anyone to try out. Pro Tip: tell your supporters they can input this code from their own Promotion Center before booking your classes. This way, no one accidentally pay's when they meant to use a promotion code.