Canceling Live Sessions and Refunding Attendees

Need to cancel a Live Session you're hosting? Looking to refund a specific attendee or the entire class? We can help.

Canceling an Upcoming Live Session

  1. Head to your Creator Profile
  2. Head to the Live Sessions Calendar
  3. Click the Session you would like to Cancel
  4. Hover over More Actions and click Cancel
  5. Follow the prompts to confirm you would like to cancel the session. You can send a custom message to your attendees during this part of the process, as well.
  6. All attendees will be notified and automatically refunded the full purchase price of the session, any attendees who booked with Class Pack credits will have the credit returned to their account, and any attendee that used a Promotion Code to access the session will have that Promotion re-applied to their account.

Refunding Attendees

  1. Head to Content Management -> Live Sessions
  2. Click the Attendees Icons on the Session with the Attendee/Attendee's you would like to refund
  3. From here you have two options (both shown in the below screenshot)
    1. To Refund all Attendees -> Hover over "More Actions" and click Refund Class. This Refund will also return Class Pack Credits and Promotions to Attendees who used them to access the class.
    2. To Refund a Specific Attendee -> Click "Refund Payment" (or "Refund Credit") next to the Attendees name.