Attending Live Sessions: Troubleshooting

**This page is not for those joining/hosting Live Classes via Zoom. You will know your class is via Zoom if, when you click the "Join" class button, you are redirected to a Zoom link**

Hey there! If you're reading this page, you've probably run into some type of permissions or access issue while attempting to join a Live Session on Somble. We've done our best below to guide you through quickly remediating any access issues so you can get right into your Live Session.

Basically... in order to successfully join a Live Session on Somble, the streaming software requires microphone and video permissions to the device you're joining from. While the way different browsers ask for these permissions can change, you should always press Allow when prompted for device permissions at the start of a session. If DenyBlock, or any other type of denial is selected for microphone or video permissions, then the browser won't let you join your Live Session. We've laid out some of the ways you can change these permissions to Allow if you've previously (or accidentally!) denied access.


Step by Step Instructions for Safari and Chrome on both Mobile (iOS) and Web are below, along with Supported Browsers...

Tips for Safari on Web

While on, select  Safari then  Settings for This Website...
In the bottom half of this popup, select  Allow next to Camera and Microphone. 

Tips for Chrome on Web

Select Chrome then Preferences

Select Privacy and Security

Select Site Settings

Scroll to Permissions and select Camera or Microphone

Ensure that Sites can ask to use your camera (or microphone)

If you had already "blocked" Somble from accessing your camera, scroll down to Customized Behaviors and click on

Head to Permissions and flip the permission to Allow for both Microphone and Camera

Tips for Safari on iOS Mobile

Head to your phones  Settings and scroll down to select Safari

Scroll down to Settings for Websites and select Camera

Select Allow (this will likely be on Ask)
Go back a page by clicking < Safari and then select Microphone

Select Allow

Return to and Refresh your page. You should now be able to join the session without a problem.

Tips for Chrome on iOS Mobile

Head to your phones Settings, scroll down to Chrome, and switch Camera and Microphone to On

Return to and Refresh your page. You should now be able to join the session without a problem.

Supported Mobile Browsers + Versions

  • Safari Mobile - 12.0 and later
  • Google Chrome Mobile - 10.0 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox Mobile - 10.0 and later
  • Samsung Mobile - 12 and later

Supported Mac/Windows Browsers + Versions

  • Safari - 12 and later
  • Google Chrome - 78 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox - 75 and later
  • Microsoft Edge - 79 and later
  • Opera - 66 and later