Don't compete with your friends. Collaborate with them.

Create a single page with other Creators to form a Collective, overlap audiences and succeed together.

It's kind of like creating an online studio. Except it takes 3 minutes, not 3 months.

When you create a Collective, you can choose who gets to contribute content to it, what type of content they can contribute (live classes, events, videos, or programs), and even set an Owner's Cut - a custom % of revenue you keep from all sales made through the Collective.

Who are Collectives for?

  1. Studios looking to play a role in elevating the side hustles of their instructors. Just create a Collective, set an Owner's Cut, invite your instructors to contribute to it, and start promoting. You'll get a cut of every class you sell on their behalf.
  2. Any group of trainers that wants to promote all their different classes and workouts from one place.
  3. Certifiers looking to build online communities of their certified trainers.

Start a Collective by clicking Collectives in your Control Center.

After that, just follow the prompts to get your dream-team set up.


1. Can I create a Collective with no Owner's Cut?

Absolutely. Just set Owner's Cut to 0%.

2. How many other Creators can I invite to my Collective?

There's no limit. The more, the merrier.

3. Do I need to contribute content as the Collective Owner?

Nope. Just add whoever you want to contribute, deselect the Content Types that you wish to add automatically, and select all the Content Types that you'll allow the contributors to post.