Live Class and Event Splits

Multi-Coach classes generate more revenue than single Coach classes. 

So, grab your friend who has a complementary skillset to your own or works with a different group of people, and host a live class with them. You'll both broaden your reach.

The best part? We handle all the logistics around payments and hosting. As you schedule the class, just add a Coach you want to split revenue with and pick the revenue split (50/50, 60/40, etc.).

1. Schedule a class

2. Make sure to select Split Revenue with another Coach as you fill out the class details.

3. Add the Coach you'll be splitting revenue with and select the split. You can collaborate with as many Coaches as you want.

It's seriously that easy.


1. Do Coaches I want to split revenue with need to be on Somble in order to collaborate on a Live Sessions?

Yes, you'll only be able to add search for and add active Coaches here. If you have someone you'd like to Collaborate with, just ask them to make a Somble Creator account. Once they have an active account (which means they need to link a Stripe account, that's how they get paid!) you can find them when searching here.

2. In a live stream, will the attendees see me as the Coach or will they see the Collaborator?

Both! You'll both be pinned at the top of class and will have the exact same privileges (sharing music, muting attendees, etc.). For recorded classes, the recording will start as soon as either of you join.

3. Do I have to pay out the coaches that I split revenue with, or does it happen automatically?

It's totally automated. If you're selling a class for $10 and splitting revenue 50/50 with another Coach, we'll automatically send you each $5 with every purchase. Read onwards to see how we handle Class Pack credits.

4. Can my subscribers and class pack purchasers access a split class?

Yep. We'll even send you a report after the class that shows how many class packs attendees, promotional attendees, and subscribers joined the class so you can know how much to compensate the other Coaches. 

5. How do I handle the splitting of class pack credits?

Let's say you have a 10 class pack for $100 dollars and 4 people used credits to join a class that you split 50/50 with someone. Since each credit was worth $10 ($100 / 10 classes = $10 per class), we associate $40 of class pack revenue to this class. On your Post Class Report, we suggest that you then transfer $20 (50% of $40) to your collaborating Coach via our Transfer system.

6. Is there anywhere I can go to see a breakdown of my revenue vs the revenue of the Coaches I collaborate with?

Of course. Head to Content Management -> Live Sessions and click View Report