Hosting Virtual Classes: Sharing Music

**This article is only relevant for instructors using the embedded Somble streaming software, not a connected Zoom account**

For how to share via Zoom, click here.

If you're a Creator hosting a live session, you can share your computer audio with your attendees. This is a favorite feature for anyone looking to turn things up by bringing a little music to the session. Read onwards for steps to share audio and best practices.

Steps for Sharing Computer Audio in a Somble Live Stream

1. Make sure you're on a laptop or desktop and using Google Chrome for your Live Stream.

Audio sharing is not compatible with mobile browsers, Safari, Firefox or other browsers besides Chrome. If you've launched the Somble Live Session from mobile or from a browser besides Chrome and you would like to switch to Chrome, just close the tab or browser window with the Live Stream and re-join it from the Chrome Web Browser. Do not click "End Session" when leaving the Session.

2. Launch your Music Player in the Chrome Browser.

**Important: Somble Live Streams share in-browser audio. This means you need to launch your music player in your browser, not via a computer app**

For example, just type in to launch Spotify. Scroll down the page and click "Open Web Player" to launch the in-browser player once you're logged in.

3. Click the Settings Wheel in your Somble Live Stream

4. Select Share Audio with the class

5. Click Chrome Tab and select the Tab with your music. Ensure Share tab audio is checked and click Share. 

Tips and Best Practices

  • Don’t worry, no one can see your screen. Somble Live Sessions only can share Audio, even if your browser is suggesting you may be sharing a video of your screen.
  • Turn the volume down on the music player so your attendees can hear you and the music. Half volume is recommended

  • Ensure Spotify is playing in browser, not through another device.

  • Wear headphones to avoid an echo.