Community Management

The Somble Community Management Page is the best way to reach your people off platform.

There's 3 main components to the Community Management page.

1. Audience Import/Export

2. Messaging

3. Engagement Tracking

Audience Import/Export

Use these buttons to import an email list to Somble, which you can then send out announcements and your upcoming schedule. All instructions for import / export will appear upon clicking the button.


1. You can send email announcements to your entire audience. 

Just click "Make an Announcement" on the left. An email box will open up - you can even preview the email or send a test email before launching it to your entire audience.

2. You can send email announcements to custom segments of your audience.

Just check the box next to anyone you want to email and then select the blue "message" button. The custom groups you make are automatically saved under "Past Messages" so you can quickly message them again.

3. You can send your upcoming live session schedule to your entire audience.

This is a great way to stay in front of your community. When you click "Upcoming 7-day Schedule" on the top right, an email box will open. You'll be able to write a custom message at the top, and below will be your schedule of classes complete 

Engagement Tracking

By sorting your audience list by Engagement, you can quickly see your most engaged Supporters. Use this info to send out custom promos, thank you's, or just to keep an eye on who's putting in the most work!