Building Your Creator Profile

We'll cover 2 main things with this article.

1. Getting Started - for those of you building out your Creator Profile for the first time.

2. Editing and Updating Your Profile - to answer all your questions about editing and updating your profile.

For an example of a really well done, complete Creator Profile, scroll to the bottom of the article!

Getting Started

First things first, you need a Creator account! If you're new to Somble, click sign-up in the header, fill out basic info, and then select "I'm here to Create". If you already have a Somble Supporter account, just click "Become a Creator" or click the camera icon in the header.

You'll be dropped right into the onboarding wizard, which will let you create your own URL and then take you through the 5 steps you need to complete before your profile goes live.

  1. Add a Profile Picture
  2. Add a Cover Photo
  3. Write a Bio
  4. Connect a Stripe Account
  5. Upload or Schedule Content

Don't worry, if you didn't complete one of the steps during onboarding, you can always do it later right from your Creator Profile.

The (X/10) drop down visible in your header on the desktop version of the site will let you know what steps you've completed. 

Here's what an unpublished profile looks like...

As you complete the checklist, your profile will fill out. As soon as you connect a Stripe account, the "Connect or Create a Stripe" pop-up will disappear.

When you have completed all 5 steps, you'll no longer see the "Your Creator Profile is not Published" pop-up. The first 5 checklist items will also all have green checks next to them. 

You now have an active profile! An easy way to check if your profile is active is to refresh your browser and then search yourself from either the Header, Explore Content, or the Home Page. If you can find yourself, you're live.

Here's what a published profile looks like!

Editing and Updating Your Profile

Editing your profile is really simple. Head to your Creator Profile and make sure the toggle in the top left is set to "Edit Profile"

When on Edit Profile, you can now select the pencil icon next to input fields to make changes.

Once you're done making changes, just press enter or click anywhere on the page to save the updates.

Easy. Here's where you can find every main component on the profile page.

Profile Picture

Just click on your picture to change it!

The Community Tab

This feature becomes available once you have 5+ Supporters and 25 pieces of platform activity. More on the Community Board here!

Cover Photo and Light/Dark Mode

These buttons are in the top right of your profile page. Click the camera icon to change your cover photo and toggle the sun/moon icon to change light/dark mode.


Selecting the pencil icon will make the text box editable. Shift + Enter will let you create a new line, while hitting enter will save your new bio.

Social Media

Click the pencil icon to pull up with social media input fields. Pro Tip: just type in your handle, no need to include an @ before it!

Adding/Amending Subscriptions and Class Packs

If you have no existing Subscription or Class Pack offerings, clicking Add Offering allows you to create your first.

Once you have an offering, click "edit offerings" to add/edit existing offerings.

Head to our Membership help articles to learn more about offering memberships to your clients.

Average Difficulty

Clicking the plus sign allows you to showcase an average difficulty for your profile. Strictly teaching masterclasses to experts? Choose "Advanced". Yoga classes for the masses? How about "All Levels".


Clicking the + button will create a new line. You can select an existing achievement, or you can type your own. Hitting enter will also create a new line to add another achievement. As soon you're done adding achievements, just click anywhere else on the screen to save.

Adding and Pinning Content

You can schedule live sessions, upload videos, or create multi-video programs in several ways. Clicking the camera icon in the header, selecting Create Content in the header drop down, or scrolling down your profile page to the content section and clicking the pencil icons next to each content type.

To pin content to the top of your profile, head to Content Management. Selecting "Pin Content" under actions will pin the On-Demand Video or Upcoming Live Session. Pro Tip: If you don't choose to pin anything, your next upcoming live session will be pinned to the top. If you have programs, but no live sessions, your most recent published program will be pinned.

Adding Testimonials

You can turn existing reviews into Testimonials on your Profile by heading to the Review Center and clicking the "Pin" icon. These reviews will now show up on your profile under "Testimonials"

A really great example of a complete profile!