Scheduling Your Live Classes


    Any Coach can begin scheduling classes by clicking on the "+ Camera" Icon in the header and clicking "Schedule Live Classes", clicking "Schedule Live Classes" from the profile icon dropdown, or clicking "Schedule Live Classes" on the left bar in Profile Management. From there, follow these steps

  1. Select Class Type
    1. Virtual classes are virtual-only classes. Anyone who books a class will be sent a live stream link to join.
    2. In-Person classes allow you to input a location for the class. No stream link will be sent.
    3. Hybrid classes allow you to input a location for the class AND a stream link will be sent.
    4. Public classes will appear on your Somble Calendar and can be booked by anyone who comes across your calendar, by link or otherwise.
    5. Private classes are only accessible via a private link. These are perfect for personal training.
    6. Subscribers Only classes will appear on your Calendar, but can only be booked by your Subscribers.
  2. Connect a Zoom Account (optional - read more here)
  3. Session Title *Required
  4. Description
  5. Drop-In Price *Required
  6. Split Revenue
  7. Start Date *Required
  8. Start Time *Required
  9. Duration*Required
  10. Limit the number of attendees? If yes, select an amount
  11. Add a custom thumbnail *Highly Recommended
  12. Would you like to record this live class? If yes, select yes and fill out the additional details. These details allow your live class to seamlessly be integrated into your on-demand library, as well as the Explore page.
    1. The price chosen for the recording is only for on-demand purchases. Those looking to purchase the live class will pay the price listed originally in Step 5.
  13. Click "Schedule Live Class"
  14. Your class is now scheduled. You can schedule another class from this page, or grab the link to your class to share with potential attendees.

    A few FAQ's

    Can I set my own refund policy for live classes?

    Yep, you can set a custom policy for both live classes and events. You can customize your policy from the class scheduler tool, right under the price input.

    Can I schedule a bunch of classes at once?

    Absolutely. Check "Make Recurring Class Series" just under the date picker and choose the other days you would like this class on, as well as how long you would like the class to recur for.

    Are you going to record your Live Classes?

    If recording through Zoom, read this.

    If recording via Somble's embedded streaming service...