How Somble Live Sessions Work

With "Streaming" taking over our lives, both Creators and Supporters have had to deal with every type of link imaginable across a dozen platforms. Some take you to a booking page, others take you straight into a session, while others will take you to a session but still require a password. This creates a lot of confusion as to when Creators should actually share a link. Do you only give it people who have paid for your class? Do you paste it in your bio so people can book the class through the link? If you do that, do you need to send them another link to actually get in to the class?

Enough is enough. Somble created one link to rule them all.

Somble live sessions can be booked and joined from one place, because Somble Live Sessions are hosted on the Somble platform and not a third party app.

1. Schedule a session and use the generated link to direct people to the Session, where they can book it.

2. When someone books your Session, they can then join it from your Creator Profile, their own Dashboard, the link we sent in their confirmation email, or the link we sent in their reminder email. 

3. All links point to the same place - the same pop up that they booked the session from on your Profile! Except now, they will see a big Join Live Session button.


Here's how it works...

When you schedule a live session on Somble, a link is generated. 

This link takes users to a page that your supporters can book AND join your class from. They can always also find your session under Live Sessions on your Creator Profile.

P.S. Looking to give free access to a class for supporters that have already paid on other platforms? Check this out...

Somble links do not automatically grant access to your class (like a Zoom link might). Even supporters with the link will still either need to pay, subscribe, or use a promotion code to access the class.

If the supporter has not yet booked your class, clicking the link will take them to the above page so they can book it: Clicking Book Session will take them to sign up/sign in if they are not currently logged in. If they are signed up and logged in (or once they've signed up/logged in) then clicking book session will ask them to pay for the session. If they are subscribed to you or have a promotion code, they will not need to pay...

Once the supporter has booked your Session, the exact same link will take them back to the Session and allow them to join it when it opens! 

And in case they lose the link, your supporters can always find your Public and Subscriber-Only Live Session's on your Profile. 

Private Sessions are not displayed on your calendar, as they can't be booked without you sending them the link.