Configure Zoom Recording Settings

Nice work! Now that your Zoom account is connected to your Somble Creator account, you can choose to use Zoom as your virtual streaming tool of choice (Not set up with Zoom yet? Check out Connecting a Zoom Account).

To configure your Somble classes and events to use Zoom once you're connected, just flip this toggle on your virtual Class and Event scheduling forms so it's in the "on"/blue position:

That's it! When class attendees book and join your class from Somble, they'll be redirected to a unique Zoom link. 

Now, to record your class:

You can do so from the bottom of your virtual Class and Event scheduling form with the "Record this Live Class" toggle:

A few things to note about Zoom class recordings:

1) You'll need a Zoom Pro plan.

2) If you'd like to record class in Grid/Gallery view (so that all attendees can be seen instead of just the active speaker), follow the steps below:

Visit your Zoom Account Settings page - then you should see a screen that looks similar to below:

From here, you can configure your Zoom account settings, including things like attendee permissions, waiting room settings, zoom meeting notifications, and recording settings. For now, we're most interested in Recording Settings, so choose "Recording" in the top, horizontal list of options:

Next, scroll down to the "Cloud recording" section. 

If you'd like your Zoom classes to record in Grid/Gallery view (so that all attendees can be seen instead of just the active speaker), then:

1) Select the checkbox titled: "Record gallery view with shared screen"

2) Un-select the checkbox titled: "Record active speaker with shared screen"

3) Feel free to look through other Recording and Meeting settings to ensure your classes are configured to your liking.

4) Finally, at the bottom of this "Cloud recording" section, you should see a blue "Save" button - press Save and you're done!