Hosting Virtual Classes: Troubleshooting

This is for Somble Streams. If you're using Zoom, please refer here.

We've tried to make the process of hosting live sessions as seamless as possible.

1. When recording a stream, end the session using the phone button on the right of the menu bar and do not leave the class page mid-class.

Your recording will begin as soon as you activate your camera and will continue until you leave the session or your class runs the full length of time (plus a 15 minute buffer). To end the class in a timely manner and give yourself a recorded class without 15+ minutes of the holding screen, we recommend ending the class by clicking "End".

2. When recording a stream, do not leave the session and return to it. 

Leaving the session will end the recording. Even if you return, the recorded session will not capture the remainder of the session. 

3. Use Chrome or Safari when hosting a session via laptop, and use Safari when hosting via mobile.

Do not use Firefox or other browsers. Our streaming services work best with those browsers.

4. A few reasons stream quality can be low...

You can check your stream quality by clicking the Settings wheel.

  • Several devices are on your network. If multiple devices are uploading, downloading, or streaming on a single wifi network, the quality can take a substantial hit. This is often the difference between near perfect clarity and movement, and un-followable video.
  • Camera quality is low. This is often the case with Laptop front cameras, especially on older models. Using the camera on the back of the iPhone is usually the highest quality stream, although if you're looking to engage with your class-goers, this can be problematic. 

5. It can be hard to hear Coaches over their music...

The easiest remedy for this is to purchase an external mic or share your music. The mic can either be connected to your clothing (best option) or can be standalone. If using a standalone mic, it's best to keep it away from the source of your music.