Payment and Pricing Support

Payment Support

Removal of Purchased Videos - Creators may wish to remove videos from their content library. This is always available to a Creator via their “Content Management” page. Users will not be refunded for content already purchased, but now deleted.

Subscription Price Changes - Creators may wish to change their weekly, monthly and/or annual subscription pricing, which they can do from their Profile. Any Subscription Price changes result in automatic notification to existing subscribers. Price changes are effective immediately for new and existing subscribers.

PPV Price Changes - Creators may wish to change their PPV pricing, which they can do from their “Content Management” page. PPV price changes are effective immediately for all users who have not yet purchased the video. If a user has purchased a video and not yet watched it, and the PPV price is changed, the user will still have access to watch the video.

Canceling Subscriptions - When a user cancels a subscription, they have access to that Creators content until the end of their subscription cycle. For example, if User A cancels a subscription with Creator 1 while having 20 days left on their subscription cycle, User A can watch this Creators content for 20 more days. If User A cancels the subscription with 1 day remaining on their subscription cycle, they can view that content for 1 more day.

Deleted User/Creator Profiles - When a Creator deletes their account, the outstanding charges owed to them by their Users will be paid out as scheduled per the existing charge schedule for each individual User. All subscriptions will be canceled.

Please see Account Management for information regarding changing payment methods or amending Stripe profiles.